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Havana Cuba 1920 Gran Hotel America Vintage Brochure

Havana Cuba 1920 Gran Hotel America Vintage Brochure
  • Havana Cuba 1920 Gran Hotel America Vintage Brochure
  • Havana Cuba 1920 Gran Hotel America Vintage Brochure
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1920 Gran Hotel “America” brochure
The only one for american people
Teleph, A-2998
Cable “GRANHOTEL” 160 Industria St. Corner Barcelona
In front of the new Presidential Palace
The brochure folds out to 21 inches. Some information inside:
A map of Havana City
Cab Fares Havana. – Street Regulations ( Approved by Chief of Police, January 25, 1913 )
Automobiles to rent with places of interest including sugar mills
Photo of the entrance to the Grand Hotel America ( note the added “d” in Gran )
How to say some common phrases in Spanish
The graphics and print on this old brochure are in very good condition with minor blemishes from age and use. There are a couple of pencil marks from the previous owner showing where their room was located and a note to read the Spanish phrases.
Interesting Facts:
The Governor of Havana started the construction of a building meant to be the house of the Provincial Government. But Mariana Seba, First Lady of the Republic, liked the building and convinced her husband, General Mario Garcia Menocal, to acquire it for the state to be the Presidential Palace. The property transfer was carried out and it was inaugurated as the National Presidential Palace by president Menocal himself in 1920.
The last Cuban president to use the palace as his residence was Fulgencio Batista, who lived there until 1959.
The Museum of the Revolution was created in 1959 by direct order of the Communist Party, but it was not housed in the presidential palace until 1974.
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