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ITT 1970s Beige Vintage Rotary Dial Desk Telephone

ITT 1970s Beige Vintage Rotary Dial Desk Telephone
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Quick Information
Product CodeTEL0220
Mfg. Model500
Mfg Item No.500 13 LR30 M 9 75
Item Age1975
Item Size9L x 8W x 5H
Item Weight4 lbs. 0.8 oz.
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Product Description
Light beige ITT rotary dial desk or table telephone
Made in U.S.A.
Handset: ITT
Bottom: Stamped - 500 13 LR30 M 9 75
Testing results from standard landline connected directly to phone jack:
Calls can be made and received
Does not ring
The LR in the number stamped on the bottom means there is no internal ringer. This could be a bedroom extension phone where the sound of a ringer would disturb a person’s sleep.
Plastic dial turns as should
Feet pads in excellent condition
Original cords
Minor blemishes and scratches from age and use do not distract from this vintage phone
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