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Ohio Bell 1970s Black Vintage Rotary Dial Telephone

Ohio Bell 1970s Black Vintage Rotary Dial Telephone
  • Ohio Bell 1970s Black Vintage Rotary Dial Telephone
  • Ohio Bell 1970s Black Vintage Rotary Dial Telephone
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Black Bell System rotary dial desk telephone
Not for Sale
Western Electric
Testing results from standard landline connected directly to a wall jack:
Calls can be made and received
Adjustable volume from high to low
Plastic dial turns as it should
Coil cord from phone to handset has no kinks or twists
9 ft. straight cord from phone to wall jack
500DM 7-77
500DM 8-78
Property of Ohio Bell - Not for Resale
For Sales or Service on AT&T Products call 1-800-555-8111
Blue Service Date: 8-23-84 Model: Store
Stamped - 57 C/D 500 10-56
Four feet pads on the bottom are very nice
Graphics and paint are in very good condition with below normal blemishes for age and use. The ear piece does show a little more wear than the rest of the phone, but it does not distract from the phone at all.
Note four prong hookup box:
I removed the wires from the box and hooked the cord to a phone jack. The old phone worked great!
FYI: I attached the red and yellow wires on the cord to the red on the jack to get the ringer to work. Of course, also attach green to green. I only mention this because if you attach color to color the ringer doesn't work.
* Please read ... Product Information Section: Rotary Dial Telephones
Bell Systems / Western Electric
Product Line
Ohio Bell
Item Size
8-3/4L x 8W x 4-3/4H
Item Weight
4 lbs. 6 ozs.
* Item Weight and Size does not included the shipping box or packing material
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