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Bull Dog Bunting 48 Star American Flag 5 by 9-1/2 Feet

Bull Dog Bunting 48 Star American Flag 5 by 9-1/2 Feet
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Quick Information
Product CodeFLG-A48S5X9
ManufacturerBull Dog Bunting
Dettras Flag Products
Item Size5 x 9-1/2 Feet
Item Weight2 lbs. 5.1 oz.
(Weight does not included the shipping box or packing material)
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Product Description
48 star American Flag from Bull Dog Bunting and Dettras Flag Products measuring 5 x 9-1/2 feet featuring brass grommets
Though some of the manufacturing information has faded away with time, some is still readable.
Bull Dog Bunting with a logo of a bulldog circled in red
The U.S. Pat. Office
Moth proof
The Best by Test
(faded) filling
(faded in red) everlasting dyes
Dettras Flag Products
5 x 9 1/2
Something faded below that
There are some tears as I have tried to show in the photographs. Less obtrusive blemishes have not been highlighted as these are common from age and use and add to the vintage charm of the flag.
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