Electric Oil Tart Warmer Deep Purple and Gold Accents

Electric Oil Tart Warmer Deep Purple and Gold Accents
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Quick Information
Product Code 001400EWO
Stock Level 2
Manufacturer Opportunity Buys, Inc.
Mfg. Line Luxury Fragrance Lamp
Mfg. Item No. OA912
Item Age New
Item Box .. etc. Size 7-1/4L x 7-1/4W x 7-1/2H
Item Size 5-1/2L x 5-1/2W x 6-1/2H
Item Weight 2 lbs. 5.4 oz.
Item Weight does not include the shipping box and packing material


Product Description
Round electric oil or tart warmer featuring a deep purple background with gold swirl accents and cutouts that allow the light to shine thru. A wood base and tinted glass bowl complete the elegant look.
The warm glow when lit makes this a nice night light and an attractive home accent piece - in use or not
Perfect for "No Flame" areas such as college dorms, offices, and homes with the elderly or small children
Tinted glass dish for your fragrance choice
Built in oversized glass cylinder protects the halogen bulb
Dimmer dial, with an on / off switch, is built into the power cord allowing you control the light, heat and aroma intensity
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