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This website is not the only location we use to sell our products.  Frequently, we will list items on ebay, ID claudias_bargains.  We also place items in our Etsy Shop, ClaudiasBargains.
Should an item not sell on either of those locations, eBay or Etsy, this does not mean it will automatically be relisted in this webstore.  It might be moved to our physical retail space.  Therefore, if you see something you are interested in please do not hesitate to make a purchase.  It might not be available online indefinitely.
Our Brick and Mortar Location
Elizabethtown Peddler's Mall
1111 N. Dixie Ave.
Elizabethtown, KY 42701
For those not familiar with the concept, a Peddler's Mall is an old building, commonly an old Walmart or K-Mart, that has been sectioned off into booths. One booth usually measures 10 feet by 20 feet. Persons, called vendors, rent these booths to sell their wares. And a vendor can rent many booths, if they are available. Here we sell mostly vintage and antiques, but occasionally new and handcrafted items slip in. Come by and see us if you are ever in the neighborhood. Our booths are located to the right of the entrance, midway down. All items are tagged Booth 422 or 421. Or ask the girls at the counter where Kenny's booths are. Kenny, my husband, mainly handles this end of our business.
eBay and Etsy Listings
eBay ID:  claudias_bargains
Etsy Shop:  ClaudiasBargains
To see all items we have listed on either of these venues please click the link at the right bottom of each page.
There will also be a link to the actual item listing on the appropriate product page of our webstore.
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