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Dreamcatcher Small Pack of Wolves on the Prowl

Dreamcatcher Small Pack of Wolves on the Prowl
Quick Information
Product Code: DCT373
Manufacturer IAC International
Mfg. Item No. 1961
Item Age / Condition New
Item Size 6-1/2R x 18L
Stock Level 2


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Product Description
Small dream catcher featuring a round canvas with a print depicting a pack of wolves on the prowl. The print is held in place by webbing attached to a round lined outer hoop. On either side of this hoop is a patch of faux fur. Feathers and beads hanging from strips connected to the outer hoop complete the look.
Novelty dreamcatcher, wall hanging, great for small places where space is an issue such as an office cubicle, baby nursery or even hanging for your car's rearview mirror
This dream catcher was not created by Native Americans
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