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Telephone Mid Century Bakelite Vintage Rotary Desk Phone

Telephone Mid Century Bakelite Vintage Rotary Desk Phone
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Quick Information
Product CodeTEL0140
Item AgeVintage
Base Only Size9-1/2L x 5-1/2W x 4-1/2H
Item Size9-1/2L x 8W x 5-1/4H
Item Weight6 lbs. 5.2 oz.
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Product Description
Vintage mid century bakelite rotary dial desk telephone
No manufacturer shown
This phone has much the same characteristics as a Monophone from Automatic Electric (c.1940s) but not enough for me to call it that
I could have removed the manufacturer screw in the bottom and looked inside for more information but I didn’t want to mess up the rubber seal surrounding the outside bottom of the phone. The ear and mouth pieces on the handset are on too tight to remove and again check for information. No manufacturer shown on the handset.
A pair of sound or air vents on both sides
Metal bar across the cradle
As mentioned, a rubber seal ring on the bottom
Handset to phone coil cord
Straight cord from phone to jack ends in a four prong connector
Stamped on the bottom is L418IA8L or something close to that
Also stamped on the bottom is Base Mfg. Screw with an arrow pointing to a screw
Hangup buttons in cradle: Press and release as they should
Two sets of two buttons on the lower front on the left and right sides. Left side buttons has some kind of latch on them.
There is also a button on the front right top near the cradle.
The dial turns well, though sometimes a little sticky on the automatic return. Turns fine manually.
The graphics on the dial are very nice except on the bottom portion of the 9 and 0 as shown in the photo of the top of the phone. Looking at the phone straight on the blemishes do not show.
I have no way to test this telephone for functionally therefore it is offered as is with no guarantee that it works
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